Guatemala Santiaguito Volcano Covered to Quetzaltenango Ash

(Translated by Bing)
Latin America
Friday, June 1, 2012, 06: 34 pm
Guatemala Santiaguito volcano was activated and ash on Quetzaltenango released. (Photo:

The volcano Santiguito, located at the cetro-oeste of Guatemala and constant activity since a few days ago, issued this Friday tall columns of ash and reached the city of Quetzaltenango. Local media described cars, streets and houses of the town were completely grey.

The Santiguito volcano, which has been in constant activity in recent days, issued Friday columns of ash that reached the thousand 200 meters high and that covered much of the city of Quetzaltenango; to the East of the country.
So this Friday reported it several local media, citing the National Institute of seismology, volcanology, meteorology and hydrology; They pointed out that “the activity of the volcano Santiaguito remains weak and moderate explosions”.
The Institute’s report further stated that given that the wind moves from South to North, it favored the “fall of particles of ash on the city of Quetzaltenango and surrounding areas, causing some alarm”.
“The ash fell in vehicles and roofs of houses and streets were grayed out,” said the note.
Before the activity of the crater, the State National Coordinator for disaster reduction (Conred) recommended that people “take precautions it deems necessary” If continues the activity of Santiaguito.
This crater is located 206 km west of the capital and has two thousand 500 meters high.
Another volcano in activity in Guatemala is the fire, three thousand 763 metres high, which last week launched Ash on several nearby villages.
Last week, the Conred decreed a – preview the red – alert orange and recommended that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation take precautions for air traffic.
In turn, it also requested to avoid flight in the vicinity of the fire, between the departments of Sacatepéquez, Escuintla and Chimaltenango.  —(Telsurtv)

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